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Enjoy travelling with our traditional wooden boat to one of the most impressive beaches of Zante, the “Shipwreck”, also known as the “Navagio”.  It is located on the northwest side of this beautiful island and it is only accessible by boat.  It was created in 1980, when the ship “Panagiotis” sunk in this famous gulf due to the terrible weather conditions in the area as well as mechanical impairments.   It was transporting illegal cigarettes to international waters at the time of the mishap.

While visiting this incredible beach, the “Shipwreck”, don’t miss the opportunity to swim in the spectacular deep blue waters.  Admire the tall, magical cliffs and explore the interior of the ship as though it were an adventure!


Ithaki is one of the 7 Ionian islands which are located northeastern of Cephalonia.  It is named after the first person who settled on this beautiful island, Ithako, the son of Poseidon and Amfimelis.

Homer of the Odyssey, the mythical legend, described this island as three things:  Destination, Nostalgia and Love.  After the Trojan War, Homer wanders around for ten years until he finally reaches his beloved motherland.

Visit the beaches which are full of white pebbles. You won’t get enough of diving into the deep, calm and emerald, water. Observe the evergreen vegetation that reaches the coast.  The scenery is unique and unforgettable.


Fiscardo is located on the northern tip of Kefalonia in an area so beautiful that the Greek government has protected it by law. Around Fiscardo, dense forests reach down to innumerable small coves where pebble beaches are lapped by crystal clear water.

Uniquely in Kefalonia, Fiscardo retains the architecture and ambience of a by-gone era – a time when the Venetians ruled Kefalonia. The picturesque harbour is surrounded by Venetian-style houses painted in pastel colours, in summer the harbour is filled with vessels from small sailing boats to large yachts all nestled together a few feet from pavement restaurants and cafes specialising in traditional Greek cuisine.


cruise programme



Argo Boat will be available only in Rhodes island for summer 2022.

For information feel free to contact us.

Zakinthos : Monday - Tuesday - Saturday

Start : 08.30


Price : Adults 50 / Children (4-12) 35

Boarding : Katelios Port ( free transfer available from Skala Beach)


Ithaka : Wednesday -Friday - Sunday

Start : 09.15

Finish : 16.00

Price : Adults 50 / Children (4-12) 35 

Boarding : Poros Port ( free transfer from Skala Beach)

*Important Note : The days and the hours of the cruises can be change due to weather condition. The cruise can be canceled even 1 hour before the cruise if the Captain decides for the safety and the comfort of our guests. If you like to join one of our cruise you need to book in advance. Thank you.

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